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4" Round Cork Coaster with Stitching

4" Round Cork Coaster with Stitching

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These coasters are not only attractive and long-lasting but also an eco-friendly option as cork is made solely from the bark of the tree, making it a highly renewable resource. With a thickness of 1/8" and topstitching around the edges, the coasters are durable and practical. Plus, the inner foam absorbs moisture, ensuring that the surface remains pristine. For an elegant touch, these coasters can be laser engraved to black, creating a stunning contrast.

Product Details
Length: 4"
Height: 4"
Thickness: 1/8
Overall Size: 4" Diameter
Maximum Personalization Area: 3 3/8" Diameter
Color Rustic: Lasered Color Black
Material: Agglomerated Cork
1 Pack: set of 4

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Each piece reflects the skilled craftsmanship of the Gbella artisans, who draw inspiration from culture, traditions, and natural surroundings.

Customer: Henry Peters

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